We’re Obsessed

Think about this…

Today people are absolutely obsessed with reality TV shows. Twenty years ago reality TV shows didn’t exist.

Today people are absolutely obsessed with food. I’m not talking about loving Twinkees and Doritos, I’m talking about foodies who spend crazy amounts for restaurants and watch cooking shows non-stop.

Today people are obsessed with sports. Yes, I know, people have always been obsessed with sports. But not like they are today. Fantasy Football didn’t exist twenty years ago. Twenty years ago it was safe to go to a game, today people are so crazy about their teams they might just kill you.

Today people are obsessed with stinking Halloween. Americans spend about $7 billion on Halloween each year. When I was a kid it was just some candy corn and a crappy Frankenstein mask.

So what’s going on with all this obsession? Here’s my theory: We were made to be obsessed with God – to love Him with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength. We can’t turn off the fact that we were made to be obsessed. So as people drift further and further from faith, they turn their obsession to other things. Unfortunately, they’re lesser things that will never satisfy.

So what are you obsessed with? Maybe it’s time to be obsessed with God.