The Oscar Predictions

Here’s the post all of Hollywood has been waiting for, when I say who I think should win in the Academy Awards Sunday night. I’ll tell you who I think will win, and who I think should win.

Best Picture:

  • Will Win:  Argo
  • Should Win:  Lincoln (but it’s close, I’d be good with Argo or Zero Dark Thirty)

Best Director:

  • Will Win: Steven Spielberg
  • Should Win: Steven Spielberg (such a joke that Affleck isn’t nominated)

Best Actor:

  • Will Win:  Daniel Day Lewis
  • Should Win:  Daniel Day Lewis

Best Actress:

  • Will Win:  Jennifer Lawrence
  • Should Win: Naomi Watts (a hair above Lawrence and Jessica Chastain)

Best Supporting Actor:

  • Will Win:  Tommy Lee Jones
  • Should Win:  Christopher Waltz (and it shouldn’t be close) (And Tom Holland should be nominated for his amazing performance in The Impossible)

Best Supporting Actress:

  • Will Win:  Anne Hathaway
  • Should Win:  Sally Field (but I’m okay with Anne Hathaway)