What a Story!!

A favorite pastor of mine, Brian Becker, who leads a favorite church plant of mine, Hope City in Portland, recently sent me an email explaining that they had a bunch of people read Renegade this summer. He then wrote this:

Included in that group were some ladies who decided to start a ministry called Hope82 to prostitutes. In September we baptized our first girl – and her three kids!!! She’s now a part of hopecity.

Now…(here’s the huge news). An outreach agency called House of En Gedi found out about us, came to our training to check us out, and just bought us a house for girls in trafficking on the very street of our focused outreach. They paid for the house with cash ($250,000), and also are paying for all insurance, and to save us legal issues are the responsible party. They hired Liz – our team leader and gave her a full time salary for one year to lead and start the house. We have full access – it’s 100% fueled and used by our church…but we pay nothing…nada…zilch.

Sounded way too good to be true, so I was the biggest skeptic, but its a done deal. Keys in hand. Friday night we met with the Portland FBI, the District Attorney’s Office, and the House of En Gedi peeps as we toured the house.

Pretty crazy…all because a few people decided that Renegade faith was the only kind of faith.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Yeah God! And way to be renegades Hope City!