Verve On The News

Our local CBS News (channel 8) came to Verve this morning to interview us and film our service. They said they’ve been hearing positive buzz about us, and wanted to do a story.

They ended up airing a story on the 4:30 news, and then a totally different one on the 6:30 news. Both were completely positive. I preferred the 4:30 one, where the news guy said that Verve is a church for strippers and drug dealers, and that at Verve we “pray to the God who is for the rest of us.” The theme of the entire segment was God for the rest of us. The 6:30 one had a different theme (and felt a little churchier to me) (and kind of used something I said out-of-context), but was still good, and is available to watch on their website. You can watch it here.

Interestingly, neither story mentioned our website address, but we’ve had over a hundred people check us out online since the stories aired.

A guy named Dan who attends Verve got a text from his friend that said, “dude, don’t you go to that church that takes druggies and hookers??” Dan replied, “Yeah, it’s called Verve.” His friend texted back, “saw it on the news, I might have to check it out one day, can I bring my kids?”

Pretty awesome. God is totally up to something at Verve, and I’m honored to be along for the ride. I just can’t wait to see what He does next.